Nail Treatments


Shellac nails are the latest in nail innovation from Creative (CND). Shellac paints like nail varnish and hardens like Gel, has zero dry time.

  • Paints on like polish.
  • Wears like gel.
  • Zero dry time.
  • No chipping for approx 14 days.
  • Resilient mirror finish.
  • Over 60 colours to choose from
  • Off in approx 10 minutes.


Manicure £25.00
French Manicure £28.00
*Removal £5.00


Pedicure £25.00
French Pedicure £28.00
*Removal £5.00

* Removal is free if Shellac is to be re-applied


In 2010, CND revolutionized the nail industry with the introduction of CND Shellac™, the Original Power Polish™. CND Shellac changed the way women thought about and used nail polish and CND is doing it again with VINYLUX. VINYLUX is a two-part weekly polish system that includes a self-adhering Color Coat which eliminates the need for a Base Coat and an innovative new Top Coat utilizing ProLight Technology. When used together, the VINYLUX system provides fast-drying, week-long, chip-free wear that allows for fashionable, flawless fingertips one week at a time!


Manicure £18.00
French Manicure £22.50
File & Polish £10.00
File & French Polish £12.50
Pedicure £18.00
File & Polish Toes £10.00
File & French Toes £12.50


NB. Please allow an appropriate drying time after all manicures and pedicures. It is advisable to wear open-toe shoes directly after a pedicure to allow time for toenails to dry.